Sex Scenes From Literature That Are Better Than Porn

50 Shades of Gray

What kind of article regarding erotica porn would feel satisfying without 50 shades? I’m still baffled that I sat next to a woman on a plane, who was reading 50 shades of gray without fidgeting or squirming; frankly, she was much too reserved.

I mean, who wouldn’t like the concept of a philanthropic, handsome, and unfathomably rich man having BDSM sex with an English graduate? Someone who isn’t an English grad, probably. Instead of watching erotica porn, you could just read page 398 from 50 shades: “‘Tease yourself.’ Oh my. I tug gently on my nipples feeling them stiffen and lengthen beneath my touch. This is so… erotic. My left-hand skims over my sex, and I rub in a slow circle, my mouth an O as I pant.”

While you could enjoy erotica porn, you don’t get to hear the 1st person narration of the woman touching herself. In other words — you may get to hear her moan and breathe-out expletives in erotic porn, but you don’t get to hear her thoughts. In literature, you totally can and it’s hot.


Whatever 18-year-old memories I have regarding sex in literature – besides articles in Cosmopolitan magazine (if that counts) – lie heavily in Gregory Maguire’s novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. You’d probably imagine that the Wizard of Oz wasn’t too risqué; however, in this version of the story, I distinctly remember ogling at two sex scenes in particular (within the first couple of chapters of the book, the Wicked Witch of the West’s mother has sex with a glassblower. Then, in the chapter City of Emeralds, the Wicked Witch of the West starts a love affair). In both cases, you’ll likely find it difficult to hold the book with one hand because one hand will stay in your pants.

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The Notebook

Who doesn’t love the ‘we’re drenched from the rain— ‘we need to take off our clothes right now and have sex’ scene from The Notebook? It’s based off of the book by Nicholas Sparks. After you watch the scene, you’ll feel drenched (or stiff), as well. The sense of urgency the two characters display, after an emotionally-charged confrontation, will leave you unintentionally aroused. He carries her up the stairs in a hurry; then, slowly and sensually takes off her nylons. By the time you finish watching the scene, you’ll feel primed for at least one orgasm.

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Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color – which was stamped with an NC-17 rating – most likely for the lengthy sex scenes, was adapted to screen based on a comic-book novel. Since the film runs 3 hours long, there’s substantial character development—meaning audiences will likely feel a build-up and sense the emotional angst that the characters will want to release. The sex scenes are passionate; particularly, the first sex scene is intense because the main character has sex with a woman for the first time. 

Even earlier than the first scene, the main character touches herself to the thought of the girl she will have sex with later. The close-up shots will make you feel like you are a part of the scene. Moreover, the girls’ moaning and response to pleasure will make you feel a need to touch yourself with the same fervor you would watching porn. Go on and touch yourself to literature. No one is judging.